On the Day (let me watch that clock)

The ceremony   Church service:   approx. 45 mins

                        Photographs:   approx. 30 mins.  Try and keep this short and sweet, get those all important shots pre planned with the photographer as guests get twitchy and are soon gasping for liquid refreshment. Travelling from Church to venue, consider issues with traffic and any subsequent delays.

Toastmasters attending Church wear black tail coat, I think this is so we don’t upset the Bishop.

                        Civil ceremony:    approx. 30 mins “No hymns to sing” but a more        casual approach can make this time over run slightly.

  Photographs In the ceremony followed by outside shots, (weather permitting) can run to 2hours. The time is fine as I will be hounding the photographer as the clock ticks down. I will also be assisting the photographer if required in assembling the various groups for photos. Don’t worry about your guests as they will be drinking, chatting and relaxing as you pose the afternoon away!

Receiving line These are becoming more of a rarity, as the opinion is that close family know each other anyway and have all day to get to know each other.

Approx. 30 mins depending on number of guests.

If you want a receiving line then the normal line up is:-

Brides Mother, Brides Father, Grooms Mother, Grooms Father, Bride, Groom,

 Chief Bridesmaid, Best Man.

This is not written in tablets of stone and can include whoever you wish.

Wedding Breakfast approx. 2 hours this all depends on the service of the venue and number of guests. Consider that if you’ve supplied substantial canapés beforehand you may only need to have a two course meal.

Speeches Traditionally following the meal but more are getting it out of the way, nerves, lack of alcohol and appetite are the driving forces. Times vary and of course depends on the competence of the speakers.

Gifts These will be close by for the Toastmaster to hand to the Groom etc.

Cake cutting A great photo opportunity, but allow for a couple of professional shots and then the hordes loose with their camera phones as you pretend to cut it again.

Evening This all depends on the venue, if the room is to be cleared of tables to accommodate a dance floor this can take time but can be worked in advance with the staff to allow for the arrival of evening guests.

First Dance This is your final official function and then you can really let your hair down as I meet & greet your evening guests, this is part of my service and always impresses your evening guests makes them feel welcome and helps to integrate them to your other guests.

Now comes the really difficult bit…. I will be leaving your venue and I don’t want any pleading for me to stay or tears and tantrums…. I really must go…. OK maybe just one more dance, I mean, who can say no to the “macarena”.